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Sec. 10. Nothing in this law shall be so construed as to discriminate
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eventually the whole skeleton musculature may be implicated. Later in
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''Manual of Zoology," and intended as an elementary work for-
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Case 11. presented much the same physicial signs upon admission as
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chest. One of the earlier cases I injected presented
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focus of reception and distribution rather than the seat of disease.
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English translator of the work of Wunderlich, has recorded some fatal cases of Scarlet
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breathing was of such a distressing character that trache-
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However this may be, if you observe torulse in the urine of a
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enlarged and rose-colored spots may appear, but the Widal reaction is absent.
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Portions I, II, III, V, VI, VII, VIII, and IX remained perfectly
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65-77. — ITIafloni (A. C.) Sul tifo, e sulla cau,sa essenziale
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lar fibre ; whether these fibres are permitted to die gradually from the cessation of the condi-
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your glasses. — Editorial in The Nashville "I will keep this oath and this stipula-
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sclero-corneal margin, with prolapse of the iris and ciliary body.
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Dr. Quzmby, of New York : Would It not be better for the
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American Pediatric Society, Niagara Falls, N..Y., May 28, 1901.
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have been gelatinous, although there has been no extensive effusion
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particularly liable to epileptiform attacks, which may occur under two dif-
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report of this committee gives due weight to the fact that
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So strongly am I convinced that a better knowledge of the
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it that they are never by any chance offered in summer-time without ice, or iced
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nic or the serous membranes lining the splanchnic cavities, and
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times retained in full force, and occasionally seems to be
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bly having received the injury by running into a barbed-wire fence.
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ing. Now, should we be told that the man who believes him-
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ternal examination, are the ischiatic, the obturator, the perineal, the lumbar.
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extracts made in the bath, were practically without action on the strips
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muscles, which were not only sore but stiff, are practically
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contributed to this success, foremost among which is to be mentioned
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