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movements the normal development of the body can be aided, and it

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dissolved in sweet oil. It is an excellent emollient for many purposes.

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and treated with fome caullic potafh, till the ebullition difengages no

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to human beings, and, as an experiment, voluntarily drank

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great number of times. In one case 167 tappings were

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the very slight delay in the phenolsulphonephthalein excretion. On the

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frequently doubtful, and we have abundant proof, that when

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irritable, and disposed to take offence and be violent ; he makes a show,

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abases of the nose might well take more than all our

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last ; in July and August she was dull at times, at others excitable and wilful ;

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tension of alveolar air carbon dioxide varied between twenty-four to

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John Dorsett. 3 The Society also employed the firm of Milliman and Robertson, Inc.,

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the ordinary unguentum epispasticum, and the blistered sur-

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after 24 hours. A second injection in each case suflBced to

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stance, no gastric juice is secreted, not even by the

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never recedes, but gradually increases in intensity until finally it merits

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experience is a liberal education, and will not demonstrate

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nitric oxide, which helps maintain normal blood pressure, when exposed to

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such a grievous and heavy charge, not only for his own

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fingers, when burned, require to be sedulously guarded against adhe-

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Dr. Hyde aUo gave evidence of the curative effect in

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city, and of the remainder probably eleven hundred will have died by the

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across a stream or deep chasm, which they would not dare to do when

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operable cases, and so may be of value when operation

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who seem to desire to lower, or at least keep down all ef-

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There are two widely different diseases in which the voice very frequently