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(A. L.) Continued and ephemeral fevers, a note on the se-

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treatise on the revolutions of the globe, found in certain layers of the earth a few

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cause of the vast majority of cases of uterine rupture perfectly

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be actuated by sordid motives, and dismissing the action

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rise this was followed by a fall and then a second increase in their

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four positions (fig. (>). The card rack as described in the pre-

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erated in the uterus, absorbed by the blood, and attack-

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trumpeter to be brought into his presence, to carry back the news that

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dent's Health Security Plan: The Clinton Blueprint. New

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8tli. A lesion of one cerebral, hemisphere gives rise to symp-

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dies (he reverse of antipliloiristic. 7. Lobular pneumonia has, strictly

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disease is in this way portable.^ The theory of Dr. Snow has been accepted

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years of age. When this occurs to any considerable extent, it inter-

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nal pain which he calls indigestion but which he describes as being

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pampered invalid, thin, anaemic, and neurotic, writhes in agony. And yet

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venous circulation, he will have the peculiar greenish color character-

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requires about 17 months to destroy life, and cancer of the

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non-venereal— and diseases of tiie skin. Dr. George A. Peters

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Another case, of laryngeal tuberculosis, with a large

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time upon it. I can only say, therefore, that I re-

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nitrogenous food, as beans, peas, vetches, wheat bran, middlings,

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in a carriage, although perfectly able to come to me the

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the proper treatment of the diseased bony structure, if found,,

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going out of doors, when the weather seems unfavorable, by needless ap-

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the fingers closed over it; the toes and instep bent backward, the