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the bronchi is due to the cold air acting upon an over-stimulated
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A table, taken from Braune, is appended, giving particulars of nine cases of
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A moist heat seems to be peculiarly congenial to the
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when treated with Rheumatism Phylacogen, I will say
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Resorcin, 3i. ; Ac. salic, gr. x. ; vaseline, lanoline, aa 5iv. In some
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too far it is not toxic, and manifests its antipyretic action through
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ers, or diarrhoea-producers. Further, a drug, originally
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incision and removing a tumour entire, or of breaking
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advisable. Otherwise I encourage the patient to make
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dition of essentially the same character except that in this case the
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Stage 2. — Here the accused person, if found by the jury to be insane
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that the teeth had been swallowed : the rapid increase and gravity
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temperature rising and remaining at 101° or 102° F. for a week, the
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theory that connects homicidal mania with fistula is certainly
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excitement of medicinal treatment. Eight cases of the recovery of
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floccosis, margine sterili lata, aut, in agaro solani tuberosi cultia, albis glaucescentibus,
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with its action. I have seen some cases in which the
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excitement, flabbiness of the tissues associated with remarkable preser-
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catarrhal products ; this fibroid structtu'e being very possibly
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tured hip sustained April 16, 1949, doubtless contributed
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