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Resolved, That the thanks of this meeting be presented to Pro-

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described by Behring; (2) the French method described by Eoux;

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present : — (i.) Definite localising symptoms indicative of the exact posi-

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The President. — The cause that produced the dis-

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Proteolytic changes in the ripening of Camembert cheese. U. S. Depart-

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while many women escape with their lives, the performance of

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It must further be remembered that there are sometimes several

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chemical irritants, and any irritant introduced into the

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Some of these questions can be answered out of present knowledge.

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painful, and yet free from abnormal heat, beyond the usual period of convales-

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Dr. Edis, of London, says on this subject : " There can

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reich acknowledged that it is of great importance to practice the

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filled the greater part of the abdomen. Retention cysts

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the two ends are brought together, securely tied, and dropped back into

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legs and thighs, in addition to the edema, an interesting distention of what

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constant sj^mptom. Frequently the uterus was excited to

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up clothes, and was followed by severe pain across the lower

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indicated in all gastro-intestinal fermentations and catarrhs until the

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sion on the skin. The result of the reinfection, whether it leads to death

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— perhaps fifteen glasses of beer and five or six glasses of whisky

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courses" which are a kind of "clinical recitation." In these courses

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essentially in molecular degeneration of a part, and goes on by

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matron for each dispensary. The rule providing for women

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high cellular salt concentrations and or swelling in combi-

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demarcation between the two states can be discerned ; and one cannot say when

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and a long term or inactive file. Its further development and implementation

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afterward cast into the lumen of the tubule, there to