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using it in full strength. Saturated solutions of tannic acid and of
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not perfectly safe, when applied in the proper conditions.
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he is rarely called into requisition unless, perhaps, there are "some
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the western sources of the river Severn, and Herefordshire and Breck-
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N.VTURAL Science Scholarships. — Merton College, Oxford, an-
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There seems as yet no want of food in Paris, though butcher-meat —
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late John Tobin, Esq. , M. P. for Halifax. Nova Scotia, at Halifax, on Sept. 7th.
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The notice in the Journal of September 3rd, in reference to Dr. Lankester's opinion
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applaine\ ; and therefore he begged to withdraw the resolution for the
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Anatomically, the uterus is not a fixed organ, like the liver or kid-
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purpose at each place.— The Certificates of attendance on the several Courses of
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who, while suffering from such a disease, enters any public conveyance
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by paying a sum either at once or in periodical instalments. For the
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if any gentleman contributing a paper from that Society were to send
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2 P.M. — Royal London Ophthalmic, 11 a.m. — Royal Free, 2 p.m.
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In a paper read before this Association, at the meeting at Oxford,
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Wiener Medizm. Wochensehnft, made by both the belligerent armies.
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man's home.' Here, then, are relief for the sick, comfort for the poor,
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for this important duty ? In the last volume of the Army Medical Re-
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Anyone using this practice, should carefully attend to the preparation. Che-
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certificates, will be required to pass an Examination in English,
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peculiar to intraocular tumour, but is one of the signs of a disease com-
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