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was, was the patient pregnant, and were the symptoms

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of narcotism. Dr. Allen, in a severe case of colic, has given

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Cassaignac and others, and in England by T. Spencer Wells and others. In eight cases

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nobscot tribe, and only a few years out of the flesh ; and yet she jabbered a

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make a clearness of percussion-resonance there. The progress of

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told that extreme caution is required in certain persons at all

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exclusively, or nearly so, of leucocytes. The lateral ventricle is shown to have

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ing them to accept things as they find them, to lay aside

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in which the diagnosis of disease of the f^wtrio tubules was made fhw

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in 15 to 20 ; and the flesh, in about -£• per cent. General tuberculosis

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1893, in a small way. A more extended trial was first inaugurated in April, 1894. The

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the upper portion of the right kidney tlie size of a small walnut was found ; it

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lay press once or twice a week. In less than six months the

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are working for an echication, and tliey take examination

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outward through the fimbriated extremities, it may spread over the adja-

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and the writer emphasizes their disgusting habits in regard

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the Bight Hon. Judge Keatinge, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, in the

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aid in this connection, namely, the use of an expecto-

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the proportion of deaths to the population from that disease had

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soft subpubic tissues form a barrier which has to be over-

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same day Dr. Holt visited the patient for me, and re-

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and is now practically reduced to the questions, first, how to

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6th generation, grown two days, aerobically, on Loeffler's

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atrophy of some of the païalyzed and rigid muscles supervenes.

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any outbreak of the disease, whatever moment may be selected for the

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have contributed to the pages of the book. The package for Philadelphia,

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that by this method, the study of this disease, which occupies but three or four

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Francisco, but extends southward and is taken in large numbers in

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type are seen. Epithelial cells are abundant and casts of various kinds

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that has been followed by London and Edinbxirgh. This society is one,

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