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to sixty grains to the ounce, are of especial service in small, subacute

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Selection of Tuberculin. — The active principle, the

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of a small hen's egg which was deeply congested and

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come after him to emulate deeds which, great in themselves, were all crowned

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the efifect of urotropin in this disease. The use of

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activity of the capsules is lessened or altogether destroyed by disease,

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ciety for the Advancement of Science. Papers of great

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(Fifteen of these cases were examined after this paper

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were noted : a general autolysis and a cloudy swell-

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cine therapy) in addition to open air and other sani-

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eyeball. By its mydriatic effect it allows of the better examination of the eye.

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was 4-1. 1 per cent. Xot rarely, however, cases are seen in which the red

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the puny, antemic appearance which has given rise to the establishment

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efficient medium ; a particular selection of the ap-

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from observing and examining the patient." This quota-

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ply enforcing peritoneal rest can scarcely be overes-

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the drug which I have used I claim nothing further than that it is

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pamphlet form, if desired, will be furnished to authors in lieu of compensation, provided

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15. Old Irreducible Dislocations of the Shoulder Joint,

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sive disease impairing the hearing may become fairly established before

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'Hyrtl. Lehrbuch der Anatomic des ilenschen, 17. Auflage,

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been niy experience that the tendon reflexes in de-

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Hufeland's Joum. der praet. Arzneyk, 1816, xlii. St. 4, 124). A child

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over left kidney region. Belched a good deal. Did not

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College of Physicians and Surgeons, now the medical de-

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ous investigators, the speaker said that these experi-

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tance of recognizing certain cleavage planes in the

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dean fold and the laryngeal face of the arytenoids had participated in part

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Animals showing tuberculous ulceration at the seat of inoculation, with

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Executive Committee, Dr. William P. McGuire, of Win-

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tically alone in declaring that cattle did not transmit pul-

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controlled by an effort of the will. The movements in habit-chorea are

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while cephaeline. the other active constituent of ipe-

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have been more clearly defined. Doubtless there are neces-

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tissues through which the}- circulated. The surgeon

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great weakness and sometimes faintness would be experi-

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