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Fyen and Jutland. Thus, although the imports of English hogs were
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3:30 p. m. An Evaluation of Shock Treatments— In-
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instances of histoplasmosis are being recognized in
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give digitalis simply to slow a regular heart. It is
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of osteoporosis of the horses using the same range has been noted,
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is patent. The ovarian ligament is short and feels thickened and hard. The
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63. The committee did not find any evidence that the walls and rafters had been
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the old Morgan. The mares were bought by a board composed of
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two end.s of the aliment'iry canal, where cooi)erati\ c rellexes between
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and continues the splitting to the base of the neck; the neck man
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Kloecker, Herman J Overland Lanzafame. S. Anthony Farmington Lowenstein, Paul S St. Louis
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the milkers and bam attendants, and lockers for their clothes. This
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Tliis liil.l.' .'Liiilv tliiit 111.' lu.'i-.- tli.r.' i^ in Hi.' liv.r, tli.'
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,,|.it:,t.. thus i.r...|.i..'.l I, ...II |-;.i..l .'i H"' ii. pli. l-ni.i.i "iHi Hiii' "I' " I'l' -Mil:"'' I'r'"
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ereatiiie. That siiidi a |)roeess of iiii'th\ lafion iiia> actually occur in the
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through the pancreas. The utilization of dextrose by the heart pro-
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average output of total nitrogen after removal of the spleen. The
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These regulations, which for the purpose of identification are designated as Amendment
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These centers have heen ilitTcri'Utiated from one another hy anatomical.
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5. Klein, Wm., and Newman, Bernard: Arch. Surg. 48:381-
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tremities. representing two forms of phlebothrombosis. A. The
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vealed diphtheroids. A number of blood cultures were
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Percheron horse, use in improvement of Southern farm stock 258
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26. Spontaneous renal lesions in a dog (Figs. 1 and 2) 123
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Pharynx und des Oesophagus." Inaug. Diss., Leipzig, 1901.
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ahiiiit h\ pel ulyeeniia. it is iiiijinitant. in searehiin; I'nr the pnssilile
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there is a marked diminution in the excretion of acids and ammonia,
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the upper nasal quadrant is seen a miliary tubercle. A second
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important predisposing factor for general atherosclerosis, but the work
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Circulars issued by the Bureau during 1906, list 336
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leit did not succeed in prodncin-j udyeosnria in the few animals that
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about most probably by the virus of syphilis.* A similar involvement
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