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the ventricle and of the auricle, and extending both into the pulmonary
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The solution of problems of the pathology of the thyroid has long
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signet ring to another. On the evening on which he was smitten
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I am pleased to hear a paper like the one that has just been
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■which leaves at the outset of life the idiot incapable, ignorant,
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a few hours. However, after a week the patient's general condi-
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■| I 'jn I .1 ,1,11 ll r III- "Mir II K 'Si I I -1 , i-Iil . M,i I I .1 I III -I- 1 .11 - I ". III! .'.I
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his chin repeatedly, to convince himself that it was not
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totally different results. Nikikoroff studied the spleen in fatal cases
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Francis Weber, of German extraction, aged forty-four, was admitted
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MISSOURI MEDICINE/November 1988 — Vol. 85, No. 11 745
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handwriting of the declaration to be that of the defendant.
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gan, the patient having been several weeks in bed with
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ter as has been done by other writers. The nomenclature of
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old : 0.45 mm. for the apical and 0.85 mm. for basal.) However,
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of the free margin of the tentorium was pointed upward over
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evidence of this fact we might detail the number of
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yet not so as to interrupt the flow of his periods,
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Mary applies with strict faithfulness. While acting as visiting
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tioned among the other local causes of this condition.
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meet this added duty. The institution bids albohol, which produce a vast number of
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In conclusion, two practical points were noted as worthy of
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Messrs. L'ditors — In your last week's Courier I find a communica-
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medium of the regular treatment, but by the secret substitu-
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them as well as chloroform. For all practical purposes he
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