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fibrinogen or both these substances, are increased in amount. It has also
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fever occurs over the greater part of India with the exception of Assam,
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The stomach became disordered about this period. Nausea and
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animals always negative, and so many old animals have acquired
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10. Shennan. VI International Congress for Tuberculosis, 1908, vol. ii, p. 367.
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greatly influenced and may even disappear in consequence of various
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increased length of the bowel rather than to the dilatation and hypertrophy
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The anomaly is, in many cases, clearly hereditary, and the
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spannung in den Lungenalveolen. [The measurement of carbon dioxide in
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because the great trochanter is pressed up against the upper lip of the
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the ordinary methods soon after even large hemorrhages will not reveal
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ously. This continued for several minutes, the auricles contracting
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transferred to his tail. It did not stay there, but it deposited
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apparatus room than for the raying room. Incidentally it was also shown
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Zibordi, D. Su un particolare reperto nei leucociti eosinofili del cane. [Pecu-
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liver. Six of these rabbits were injected with horse serum alone,
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animals of the same litter. The authors consider that this is probably due
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of the literature, von Recklinghausen's disease is a complex of cutaneous
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women have been delivered in the same room, and under circumstances equally
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which may give rise to embolic phenomena. In the second place
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not present in conditions in which it would be naturally expected
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three times annually, from half, to a pint or more of blood,
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Gutmakit, C. tiber die Linsersche Salvarsan-Sublimat-Behandlung der
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the Third Medical Clinic of Berlin University, gives a description of con-
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fort3'-five are vaccinated, there is no group of unprotected persons
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.'i. (b) Fifteen children of known tuberculous i)ureutugc reacting
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and shows a yellowish reticulated appearance. On section cut surface
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hollow, the nose closely contracted. The cheeks quite sunk*
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evident that the two main groups — the cardiac and the cerebral —
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fatal two months later from profuse gastric haemorrhage. Blood examina-
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no effect. Not until her red cells were so low as 800,000 was serum
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is not improbable that escape of chyle occurred at the site of the
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