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The Principal Baths of Switzerland and Savoy. By Edwin Lee,

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recently published a Treatise on Croup. ( Der Croup. Von Dr. F.

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apex. It was systolic and had the character of creaking leather.

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tion of the bladder from an unknown cause, he found

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Benevolent Fund ; and recently we have advanced fur-

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side. A change in the line of dulness follows a change of posture

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must be guarded against : on the one hand fear, especially the fear

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cold, clammy, pulseless wrist ; the puckered fingers ;

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what are generally thought to be the appropriate re-

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disposition of the Venereal Commission fifty beds ; and that Pro-

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tually was prematurely confined at between the sixth

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the considerations touched statement of the elements

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Bodington; Mr. T. .M.Stone; .Mr. Bartlekt; Mr.W.MicaELL

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fluid. The heart weighed eight ounces ; its fibre was

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and all alcohoUc stimulants diu-ing the coUapse stage

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not as an eri'or or an abuse, but by uatui'e, as demon-

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diagnosis at this period was very cloudy. The os being

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Medical Officer to the Liverpool Dispensaries, vice Dr. W. P.

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The one thing needful for prevention — separation

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of the flaps, so as to form the upper lip, the angles of

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not have accounted for the discharge of bUe. It was

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weak solution of atropia. In forty-five minutes, the

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remarkable and instructive fact is simply this. The

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— chiefly the right— on the day of admission ; but

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the fundus of the eye may be cleaily seen; still, if

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garded as the best indication of our sanitary activity)

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if it has arrested the haemoptysis, the inflammation,

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like the ghost in Hamlet., he is about to shift his

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are tlie seat of periodical outbreaks of it, which sweep

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seen cases of scarlatina where all remedies ai'e mani-

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forgotten ; probably, however, he would not be reck-

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the place was in a foul and indecent state. The jury

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the toes affected, as well as to the foot (the embroca-

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2. An hyjjothesis has been suggested — viz., that of

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eases, we may safely venture to anticipate that the