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state of affairs in regard to the physical condition
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will probably be found to operate in one of two ways/ either
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Fritz Talbot, chief of Children's Medical Department,
the Civil War and but ten per cent, in the Spanish-
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cially suited for the cure and training, both func-
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which I have arrived at, in my recent investigation of the nervous sys-
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From this consideration of the anatomy of the parts in de-
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tance of hght application ; duration of light dose,
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lence of the latest — one does not dare to call it the
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circulation such as trench feet, post frost bite, and
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it is thought to be a straight infection with bacteria.
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years, and to such an extent as would have been sufficient to
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In my own experience, I know of only one who was a young
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and superior to many ; and it possesses the advantage, that being
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ly into this window, and the bed being situated be-
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Wicks. — In Schenectady, N. Y.. on Sunday, March oth.
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Wliere the combat is slower, as in intermittent and
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Wicks. — In Schenectady, N. Y.. on Sunday, March oth.
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when such a complication occurs, the pressure of the
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defending any sound distinction between these diseases, except as
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to break down all barriers I have no present desire to discuss.
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tail and illustrated by the aid of nearly a thousand
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of stillbirths or the number of infants dying during
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" This form of disease is commonly co-existent with more or less
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that every word I have here quoted may be perfectly true, and
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be established. It is not drainage but the destruc-
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up until the gardening season opens, when they sell it at a very
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of injured limbs and other disabilities of war that
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difficulty had been anticipated and a Jackson rota-
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had been striking instances of this since the signing
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when this measure is utilized on the first two days
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])hysiol(»gic;il resjjonse. Example: — A pin prick in
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stant irritation from the little loose fragment of the
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stethoscopic examination of the chest. The presence of this symp-
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cessary, afterwards withdrawing it in the same manner ; the
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toms or necessity ? To me the symptoms and necessity are as
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most delicate structures of the body. The brain and uterus
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About this period, Dr. Bigger became acquainted with the