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entire substance, we have to do with a condition of great surgical importance,

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the bared surfaces of muscles were similarly poisoned. " This action,

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regimens, such as fibrinolytics, may be contraindicated.

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and was of old New England stock. His ancestors were people

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developed forms of structure at the expense of the lower,


stones. I do not think that the physician or surgeon either has


the brain, and very often sets up tubercular meningitis, which is itself a

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months to secondary rays at a distance of four feet from the

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tonic action of the remedy is striking. In a case of

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which “explodes” the term and will include the general as

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acquired scrofula. How to fulfil this duty becomes apparent from what

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for few will be found willing to employ a method not already

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their characteristics in poliomyelitis and in other dis-

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ankles in 1, feet in 2, shoulders in 9, axilla in 1, neck in 6, face in 5, and

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Infection mit Scbarlach und Masern. .lalirb. f. Kindeih.,

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the surface of the liver, it is probably caused by a collection of

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able to lift hi.s leg, anil he was allowed to get up a little later.

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out, and it was even kept up by sporadic variolation, not prohibited in

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be noted complete absence of reflex muscular spasm or limitation of

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feel wa.s such that it was difficult to make a positive diagnosis.

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dislocation of the femur, which he reduced very easily by slight manip-

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to the reflecting surgeon. However he may hope for a successful issue

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case I quote from the very exhaustive treatise upon " The

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lube was then introduced through the wound into the bladder, and retained