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subjects are of a markedly apoplectic character. Indeed it may
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the Compound Solution of Iodide of Potassium has been injected into
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heredity plays a great part, especially hereditary predisposition to arthrit-
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an increase in globulin, while the cases of prostatic hypertrophy and
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and an absence of transverse striation, and instead, longitudi-
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goes forward with such activity that the tissue breaks down under
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and sequelae of typhoid fever. Brooklyn M. J., 1889, iii,
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you cannot get him, owing to vile legislation. Legislative
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going out of doors, when the weather seems unfavorable, by needless ap-
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Stewart ^ and Slack ^ used a refinement of the same method.
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vated. The febrile phenomena which usher in the attack are more intense,
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In the left axillary space a faint blowing sound is heard synchronous
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small, rapid, and irregular, and while the sphygmographic trace ex-
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growth, is thick, dense white fibrous tissue. Scattered over the floor of
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scope and character of the teaching of Obstetrics in America
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by the hand of destiny, or considering these as an insurmountable obsta-
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of a boy, four years of age, on the fourth day of the
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being normal in every day: The total number of chil-
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with a few drops of strong sulphuric acid: this destroys the organic mattes
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of beauty ; it has become the toy, the pet, the plaything, of the multi-
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2a(). — van Ijccnl (F.J.) De INilykliiiick voor heboeftipe
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as a most important adjuvant in labor I fully and freely concede. Neither
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sive layers to the sides of the vessel, gradually becoming