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In December she had a baby and nursed it until middle of April, when she
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Now, if we coidd render these forfeited lives subservient to the saving of
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jections of Wyoth's dialyzed iron, at first in doses of
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thetic bj abscess, in which the eyeball was retracted, the palpebral fissnre narrowed, the
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writings of William Canfield and his work on Urinary Analysis,
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powerful anti-emetic action of this agent in the treatment of per-
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wings ; the Subscription Committee reported progress ; and a
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drugs held out, w^as administered. In the course of Septem-
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tion never entirely relaxed ; while superadded, at intervals of
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in all its details, a very considerable support is obtained for the
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acute phase. It is in this way that the disease spreads slowly
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ideas and wishes of a civil surgeon, whose methods were occa-
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well as infiammatory exudation into the canal of the spinal cord.
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Eric Pifer Internal Medicine Temple University Hospital
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depend upon a number of pathological conditions. As to the
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portion of the corpus callosum. There was very pronounced
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entrance of the shots and the course of the bullets
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8. Hemoglobinuric Fever and Paludism. W. H. S. Stalk-
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stated we shall not consider the moral aspect of the
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denly ceases, and all is soon well again. Attacks of this kind,
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There is, however, a point of extreme importance in respect of
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tivity. There is a loss in the energy of oscillation the fur-
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olent economy of nature. It is apparent then, that reg-
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degeneration and haemorrhages. The tumor as a whole contained scarcely any
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over, it is afterwards stated, and with apparent inconsistency, that subacute
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jected. No immediate effect produced. 6 P. M., monkey less lively. November