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dy appears to exert its good effects in this disease as it does in

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inquiry was begun in 264 cases. But in 214 of these it was abandoned

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of haloes around a light and periodic dimness of vision, while in

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violent palpitation of the heart from over exercise or strong emotioH.

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and impairment of the power of the left ventricle, especially when the

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life is frequently lost by abstaining from operative interference,

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* lliis ijook is entitled "Caroli LitiKceiEntomotogia, irrc. i^c. cinante etavgenie

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and twenty-five minutes. Instead of the full pulsating mass character-

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id and the sack are liable to become infected and to

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the case I have reported might not have escaped but for the

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instruction of the student in the study of the last two stages — the

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They have dyspnoea on exertion. The cardiac insufficiency

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Professor Biddle states that " numerous additions have been made

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are not recorded. The permanence of effect depends upon

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of dirty-looking serous fluid came out ; pressure was applied, and at the tenth

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three years after the clinical picture is sufficiently characteristic to leave

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tance is the so-called proagglutinoid zone; that is, bacteria sometimes

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meninges and bronchial nodes. Bovine type in mesenteric nodes.

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a decrease in temperature. At that point it ceases to be

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The following observations, which are suggested by this very interest-

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illness and mode of death detailed, and also necessary that

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sulphonal, an hour or two before bedtime. Hyoscine in an extra dose

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anteversion. This condition gives you the impression

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nothing about the real method of cure. It is a wonder working. And in

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contact with the arm differs with the caliber of the arm, making it

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contributing to the problems, and for finding solutions. C

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cent, solution of carbolic acid. It must be borne in mind that in speak-

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Professor of Epidemiology in the School of Val-de-Grace.