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are, for the most part, obscure. I believe that many of them are ascribable to a
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ably or enormously increased in size. All these 1 7 patients
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sary, separating the entire wall of the rectum, bringing it down,
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a fact attributed to compression of the base of the chest by the corset
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thetic bj abscess, in which the eyeball was retracted, the palpebral fissnre narrowed, the
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in" and accurate reasoning. The nature of our calling does not
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wall of the vessel, corresponding in its origin to the seat of the thrombus,
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of many grave questions we owe to the prizes established,
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with a small crotchet hook, nasal snare, or suitable forceps. This should
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-I tT • <viAriMMnMia s. itBffreat antiseptic action, t. IlsdeslocaUvesoupa.
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much of central origin as of a reflex nature, due to the irritant effect at the
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tomy. The reason for the high mortality in cases where gastro-
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new member acceptable and admitted to the Association, conse-
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Clinic of Dr. James P. O'Hare, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital
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its beneficial effect on the diseased nervous system. Many details
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thy, could one and all be picked up and laid back at allopathy's
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noea. Loss of weight is suspicious and is an invariable ac-
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solutions have the same action on paramcecium caudatum
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information as to the sensory state of the organ. It
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colic or any severe abdominal pain, &c. — (Journ. des Conn. Med.,
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Pathology. — In primary thrombosis the most common seat is the superior
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which should include the whole range of joint movement.
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April 9th, 1898. G. W. Gaines, M.D., Hickory Plat, Ky.
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gress of the disease in other countries. In Rome we are glad
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skeptical, and that the profession after all does not amount to as
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schoolmate, and the boy had been successively under
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Jerusalem'' is specially interesting, both on account of the
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bark, opium and the like. Everything in fact which is calculated to
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is apt to attack pregnant or parturient females. It is
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father, the late I. Pemberton Hutchinson, was widely
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knee-chest position the pulsations would disappear, as the tumor
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lights introduced during the next year, from an unexpended appropriation for
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