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tended rectum or bladder, without inconvenience. On
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the bodily conformation, and as we shall show (in our next number)
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origin of the vomiting it is most important to determine its exact cause,
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about us. There is, taken in lump, a preposterously
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cated on the upper or lower extremities and about 10% on the face,
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mann's experiments prove that pressure on the trachea, sufficient to flatten it,
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opposite the first rib, winding round the dorsal artery, and
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are not more frequently practised is, perha{)s, that so
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wall of rectum ; uterus enlarged to nearly twice its
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already in use in several of the Scotch and Irish schools, it is evidently desir-
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the storerooms for further use. He will be provided with a suffi-
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and, on this, as indeed on all points, the results of the
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position of head. Throat is positively clean. Tonsils
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whole oat-meal, very palatable even before cooking,
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much less extent. During the preceding fortnight he had suf-
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washed with a weak solution of carbolic acid. A little cotton moistened
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repairing the cervix. The same is true in some cases
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electric shock, as a stroke of lightning, is, as we well know,
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miasm more resembles in its action a spreading chemical poison, than
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sue, the outcome of chronic oophoritis. In some portions of
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germ, is not hindered in its development by the presence
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(Fig. 4) have also been described elsewhere, \ and are both
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and valerianate of zinc are said by Dr Liveing to be sometimes of great
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week, as is often done, no benefit will result. Contracted tendons may be
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abdominal scar alter the lumbo-iliac incision is tlie fact
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absorbent material. My observation is that only a limited
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she was taken with flooding and pain. Dr. Katzenbach
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As Dr. Chapman was the coroner's physician for a number of years in Phila-
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Frenchman. The book is not too big, and can be comfortably
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the left hand, and held between the two blades of the forceps,
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periods, which had commenced at the age of 14, lasted only two days
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only anirnal proteid eaten was sweetbread. On the third
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10,4 between 10 and 12. He reports 3 as cured, 3 ended in good
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which is due to organic disease the slight attacks consist of tonic spasm
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not to require any apology from me. I think so, although
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sixpence to that of an almond. In the lower portion, some of the elevated patches
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hours longer, when all symptoms disappear, leaving him