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Examination of the body exhibited the following interesting
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cases of inguinal hernia, are of much more frequent occur-
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days an artificial obstruction was produced. Six days later the animal
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dren than in adults. The black vomit, which in men was the almost
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cutting short a relapsing fever. With our present knowledge, there are
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To each of these etiological explanations there are weighty
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an honorarium of .£50. The subject of this Prize is— "The
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the pain in the loin quite gone, and I am happy to say he is
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(such as that of the old man now up-stair, or of Vesey, who
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51. Himmelstein DU, Woolhandler S: Cost without benefit: Administrative
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ligatured. This would have endangered the laryngeal nerves,
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cessary addition to insure the permanency of the colour.
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sure, left hemisphere, vessels are found crammed with red blood
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not comparable to the lahia minora. In the author's hypospa-
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these, from the sanitary point of view, are consumption and gout, partly
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Our sanitary and hygienic affairs are largely, and upon
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bath, by inunction -with cod-liver oil till the skin is soft and
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to produce irritation, by coming in contact with the irritable portion,
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selection of food, or, as in public institutions, where the choice
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crepitant rales, but no evident consolidation, died on
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H. Harriman; on the Progress of Surgery, T. H. Russell.
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undulatory; the eye is red and suffused; the bowels are often little
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edited by Americans which have aided medicine in America. In 1829
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beds, canvasses, old iron, trunks, sofas ; wonderful what a
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cipient tuberculosis, but rather of a distinctly progres-
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for care would evolve. Mediocrity would be encouraged. The