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Glasgow Women's Hospital. — Bishop Campbell presided at

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2. Hundefleiseh, sowie zubereitetes Fleisch, welches von Pferden,

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greatest. It follows, therefore, that the oxygen pressure in the blood

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in mild cases of vomiting of pregnancy will often give relief when medj

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of procidentia iridis, and was suffering the same pain all that time. I got a

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chloride spray to the epigastrium, (13) the flexion of the legs on the

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pea green to the chopped spinach. The darker the color,

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pelvis shows no evidence of the existence of any of the normal organs,

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sodium salicylate happens not to be tolerated, Aspirin affords a most

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according to the statement of the instrument-makers,

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Lister has just made its appearance; and although the work

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Faubourg St. Antoine as delineated by Hugo in Les Miserables, ma-

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centres wjis commonly supposed to consist mainly in the production of an

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direction behind the stomach to the spleen, to which it is con-

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pyelitis, or even the sudden onset of so-called obstructive suppression, with

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".'"""'''•"■■'^ ■;■"■ ■^^'■- -'- ■•• >-,„„... ,„..„,-„..,. ,!,. .i„n..,.ul,„ ';il

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shall pursue their studies at this college during the winter and spring terms

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and additional work to the physician. If it has to be done great care

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difficulty in the heavy outlay in drugs and expensive

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of the fluid extract of cascara sagrada, yet its very

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local irritant influence of neither mesotan nor oil of winter-

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woman who labours long over her washtub on a hot summer day and

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■ On several occasions the temperature was 106° F., and

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width was 2\ inches. The spleen was enlarged and readily

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gical Injuries, Diseases, and Operations. Revised by the author from the Sixth and

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point at this time for the benefit of all members of

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