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accumulation in the intestines) ; diarrhoea ; dull ex-

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this treatment of "the voice of nature ?" "The gratifica-

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tion. The skin cleared to the palest possible yellow during the

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vulva and rectum, as referred to, engaging the perineal space.

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ure the method just stated is amply sufficient. The cold bath

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thyroid enlargement had disappeared. In September, 1883, she

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condensation, as to permit no longer any air to penetrate

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very important. To promote the honor of the profession ; to pro-

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Instead of the blood being purified by the process, as it is in

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devoted to the treatment of hospital gangrene ; in the

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war and facing the prospect of a diminishing supply of

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cles, independent of, and uninfluenced by, the M'ill. It seems

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February 1, 1886. — Having again grown out of his old jacket, a new one was

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tain : 1. The elastic softness of the tumor, later its baggy feel,

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did in his life. He was about to give up his position on account

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touched with carbolic acid once — that was the last of

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order to prevent the disease. In this direction, then, of endeav-

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after eight years. In later times, the first case of success

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Dr. Janewat. — I have used oxygen with much success in cer-

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bedside, by what principle of reason, logic or common sense

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same manner upon the trunks of the mesenteric veins, and

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ence of belladonna, administered by rectal suppository,

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fecundity ; the father transmits to his daughters the form

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confidence of the editor in the fair-dealing and generous

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chemically changing, removino;, or destroying the morbid mate-