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much importance. We would say the same in relation to the closure
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aged 22 years, in whom this malformation existed, and who had been
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case of partial spontaneous combustion, which has recently occurred in this
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sensitized both to horse serum and egg-white in order that a single
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colour, the larger patches having a small ash-coloured slough in their centres:
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or denying the possibility of such an effect as a consequence of the
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made with ordinary media and were unsuccessful. In Case IX of
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as internal stimuli. On the other hand, we observe that the white tissues, such
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29th. Cathartic operated well; is stupid most of the time, but answers
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ventured on the appearance of the reaction alone. Subsequent
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as to the question whether nerves furnish a condition necessary to the irrita-
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Family History. Father died at the age of eighty years. Mother is
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excessive stress ultimately finds out the least resistant tissue, which
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us, would be little, if at all less dangerous than the operation of litho-
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bowel with surprising certainty in several bad cases under the imme-
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gland or some prominent part of it arrests, turns aside, or reverts the
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appears a moderate allowance, the whole fluid evacuated may be estimated at
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that much can be accomplished by persistence in treatment along
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disturbance. It is lack of tone not displacement per se that is the
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a lecture on the radical cure of hernia, delivered bv one of the mem-
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what may reasonably be attributed to ulceration of the bowels. The
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being then a resident of Jefierson Co., Mississippi, I was called to a plantation
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In the third period, the jaundice diminished, the stools became
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mising casesj but we hold that the first duty of the surgeon is to se-
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iii establishments, both for learning and improving the art of midwifery, the
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ed. Towards evening the patient complained of repeated throbbings, of greater
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slightly increased above tlie preceding analysis; but it will be observed that the
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entire work. Although we do not wish to be understood as applying the latter
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has been found in the blood in certain forms of nephritis, leukemia,
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perceptible. The appearance of the cerebral mass was not unlike that of Stilton