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more or less tenderness along the line of the large intestine.
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eluding the vessels gives rise to atrophy of the cellular structure.
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the pain is extremely excruciating. Where there are several stings,
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prolonged expiration. After free expectoration, it will often be audible at
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liver, and have a sense of weight and dragging in the right hypochon-
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may readily mistake it for an enlarged gall-Madder. An enlarged gall-
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Mucous Membranes. — Abscess of the tonsil likely arises Prom
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tion of albumen and an increase of water. Compression, dislocation, and
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These cheesy masses may become encapsulated, calcified, and remain as
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acted by promoting the action of all the excreting organs, applying exter-
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Etiology. — The causes of this form of pleurisy may be the same as those
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Formerly, many surgeons advised forcibly straightening the spine to
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cyanosis is more marked. The breathing is labored in bronchitis, and pant-
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advanced life ; it comes on with senile decay.' It is . - : , .
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times streaked with blood ; while in ulcer the attacks of vomiting usually
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post-mortem examination.' In fourteen cases of different valvular diseases,
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never allow a second, paroxysm to pass without administering a full dose of
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soap diffused in a quart of boiled water should be used. Where the
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having a whey-like or milky odor, made more perceptible by warmth. It
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creaks like cartilage under the knife. The cut surface is seen studded with
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between the enlargements being of may rcsult; but neither gangrene nor abscess
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and the pylorus), circular in shape, varying in diameter from half an inch
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purple. The change in color is most marked over the vocal cords and ary-
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sn])purative. The pus formation may be limited to small areas, or it may
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parents or near relatives have been subjects of tuberculosis.
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Bacteria are capable of reproducing themselves by at least three
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colored or whey-like fluid, accompanied by a more or less abundant i^lastic
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phoid fever. In the latter disease it usually presents an angemic appear-