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In beginning permit me to say that I have purposely-
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tains an increased amount of alexins it may, if in-
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lion of the bovine mannnary gland, is a very common cause of the
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had increased, and he had urgent dyspnoea. The chest was
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II. In cases of medium severity inject two doses of lO c.c.
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The progress of diabetes is marked by three periods, which are neither
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content with what is sometimes good, but should feel bound to
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wounds and ulcers, forbade them to practise medicine.
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It was the first time that I saw chloroform given as the anesthetic in
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explain the formation of these cysts : atrophy of the medullary substance,
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chand, and they have recently been studied by Weissel, 1 Meyer, 2 and Aichel. 8
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shrunken ; the cornea quite opaque and shrunken, and con-
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longer, because of the danger of injuring the vena cava, should be
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by various surgeons. A longitudinal incision is made through the upper
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that the pleurisy and pericarditis, or at least the two effusions, pro-
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surgeon, who was a prisoner at Constantinople, with a number
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improvement was noticeable ; and it was not for some days that the
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disease becomes tumefied, with increased heat and great pain,
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lower, a bubble of gas lies over it, and palpation for mobility makes no
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ous system, insomnia, headache, and all the symptomatic
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chemist or a physicist ; he is not merely a therapeutist ;
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mix. Dose, m. xv. to m. xxx. daily in any fit vehicle. In psoriasis,
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was not an international meeting, since, instead of discussing
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able addition to the class of literature to which it be-
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use it. You may be sure I made a note of it, as rattlesnakes
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portance cannot therefore be too strenuously urged upon
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has not been considered in detail, as it has no apparent connexion with
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Emulsion, Old Tuberculin and mannite culture were repeated, and then
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TJniv. M. Mag., Pbila,. 1891-2, iv, 496-505.— Oeneral dis-
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have some bearing on the problem. In the first place, it has been
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diphtheritic inflammation of the mucous membrane of the mouth
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anterior cerebral ; and a simultaneous blocking of these two channels,
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mastication, or of those of the shoulder or arm. In the great majority of
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that she is silly, or shannning, or could get well if she
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board are so far reaching that properly qualified persons only should
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such a degree, that they will, if permitted, he without any covering on a cold