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Information in regard to the programme of work will be
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between the attacks of dyspnoea the voice was unal-
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When definite evidences of cardiac insufficiency are present,
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Hand-book of the Diagnosis and Treatment of Skin Diseases. By
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dition to which, he constantly placed the poor affrighted
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ie wonderful antiseptic power of the reagent used will
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them were central implantations, or nearly so, and we experienced no
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most desirable for a practitioner of our art, notwithstanding the inuneose
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We have also received from the pen of the same author a
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Diarrhea may result from increased peristaltic (worm-
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neutraliret'thf''' Vipera Russellii Shaw Serum.-This serum
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■sources and cause of irregular forms of malaria. Med. &
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quently affected. Its duration varies from two or three
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signifying-tne " stomach," or the " belly :"— also
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toms of syphilis on his person, nor give any history of
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and propylamine having been tried in vain, antipyrine
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that whenever one prevails the other will be likely also to prevail. This will
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allowed the poets and euphuists to occupy a dispropor-
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"Every fact leads to the inevitable conclusion that the apoplectic, paralytic,
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manos believed that he had shown that Griitzner's re-
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became loose and hung down in the vitreous. After a
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Inland ubersteigt, ist unter zollamtlichen Verschluss zu setzen; von
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tion attending vomition, to expel excessive secretion or exu-
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for his own special branch o: study doss not blind him to the
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able evidence indicates with considerable certainty that the initial
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schedule. There has not been a physician fee increase
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sion. A second convention will be held in Chili next March.
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to apply it to extravasations elsewhere than in the brain and lungs. The
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in cod-liver oil plasters or covering with a varnish has seemed to
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in round numbers, in a total population of sixty- five