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boiled water be used. If, as sometimes occurs, extensive
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be quite effaced by the loss of a child or a beloved wife. It is
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child should be immersed in a warm bath, and cold applied to
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appear to him to be the same as far as color is concerned, and in
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daily physiological or motor treatment. This consists of
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most anxious to avoid. Death from puerperal fever is
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seemed to be a distinct neurasthenic element in the case. Her neuralgia was
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feeding experiments are carried on for the purpose of im-
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Tuberculosis of the Peritoneum. — Various types of tuberculous
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comfort at the seaside or in the mountains during hot weather is no doubt
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103°-104° F. (39.5°-40° C.) and frequently reaches maxima of 105°-
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March 15. Clear, oriented in all respects, able to walk
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tumor, 4A inclies. From posterior commissure to extremity of tumor, 5
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the greatest heat of the blow-pipe, and which presents analogous
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these matters, and if careless doctors are punished for their negligence
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he has piles. This is the extent of his knowledge in the
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not pay the price of the full strength. I tapped the
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tions, and found that darkness does not influence respiration,
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beyond modifying the condition of the cracks when inflamed,
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and mixed with the rabbit sera in the proportion of 6 cc. of filtrate to 12 cc. of
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^Noguchi, H., A homohcmolytic system for the serum diagnosis of syphilis,
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Pitts, W. I., Lenoir, Univ. of the South, Sewanee, 1903 1911 1913
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the Society's premium of five hundred dollars for the best sample of not
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the “dumping syndrome” which receded without incident.
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the latter must again be pushed forward into the syringe after first
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of the lips ; and on the fraenum, tip, and sides of the tongue.
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They have also, Concentrated Balsam Copaiva, prepared by a union of the oil of Co-
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quently blue and that her cough and breathing were worse. Aside from
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every such attempt imposes on those who engage in it, of marking
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Surgeons, Glasgow. Edinburgh : E. & S. Livingstone.