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the latter intact and not bloodstained. The amount was

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States, where there are only a few hundred lepers, the Government

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the proliferative capability of the tumor cells, while leaving a certain level of function

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In connection with this it is worth while to notice the re-

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myelitis, but with less definite results ; though my impression of

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Tuesday, Januarj- 29, and on the succeeding Tuesdays,

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volves the group of muscles which operate in produdng some complex

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often cloudy, owing to a small amount of alkali present ; hence a

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Respiratory Depression: At high doses or in sensitive patients, hydrocodone may produce

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suffering from urgent dysphagia. She appeared half-starved,

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typhoid or n a large scale, These facts serve to dear up

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ment of the chest. At the end of four days the flap had been severed from

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acted immediately, taking the pressure off the retina anteriorly, by

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could listen at the same time as the student. If the}' could,

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place, separating the placenta and destroying the child. This may

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A repetition of blood-letting is demanded so soon as such re-

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has only one object in view, which is, to close the canal,

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a posterior projection of the upper lumbar vertebrae, and a

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stands for recognition and approval, and its wide adoption as a text-book

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Before death, the tongue and lips became of a brilliant scarlet color, and the tongue appeared

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tleman was (he son of healtiiy parents, stout, well made, and

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K. J. Thomas, Act. Assist.-Surgeon U.S.A., in charge."

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seniority rights, wage and hour provisions and person-

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in New V'ork. 'I'he same principle would apply to the

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As authority for your assertion that this (the Bishop's

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and hand. Med. Repr., Lond., 1893, iv, 145-147. Also:'S.

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Washing was a lost art in the hospital, but this band of women

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almost complete anesthesia may be obtained by the instillation

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for a license to practise must pass a satisfactory ex-

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with Secondaries in Both Adrenals, Melanosis of Skin (Ad-

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monia and the other phlegmasite, rheumatism and gout, all the obstinate,

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