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>;aval Medical Officers in their professional education after

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intense, constant, aching character, often so bad that the patient was unable

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Pulverize finely and mix. Dose, five grains repeated

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discussed by Drs. Beineking. Studley, Brooks. Kaumheimer, Mishoff and Puis.

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certain that in the great majority of cases there are interstitial alterations as

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3 ss to water 3 vj, with liq. ammon. anisat 3 ss. The elixir pectoralis,

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The condition may, nevertheless, be found in them which

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ing; and should the information gained indicate a condition of

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are we to think of the short-sighted teaching which only takes account of

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When the reaction is feeble or suggestive only, as in the early stages of the

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tuting that which is called the lithic diathesis. With all the labor

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benefit from it that we can in mixed infections of tuberculosis.

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“ dendo aut bibendo gustavit.” It is also a good

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ful in the congestions and hemorrhages of the uterus

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from a certain sentimentalism, nothing has ever been

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few days later he noticed a weakness in his legs which grew

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the digestive function is, however, almost as old as literature itself. Prob-

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1. Write out the chemical formula to represent the reaction that

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marked degree, qualities which fitted them to be teachers, were so absorbed

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Diagnosis, and Treatment By Dr. J. Clarence Webster. 8vo,

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increase occurs whether ulceration is established or not — ?the

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vidually and collectively will hold no further pro-

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doubtful if anything but a destructively retrogressive mid-

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' This section would not he complete without a brief summary of syphilitic arterial

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The report of the Committee of Arrangements, which was elected

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woman had been troubled with the growth for 2 months,

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This would naturally lead to the inquiry as to whether mag-

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every half hour, or hour. It relieves the vomiting, pain, and spasms.

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On the nineteenth day the bonnet-pins were removed. The

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low specific gravity, and this generally went with a