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in quantity if not changed in character, be administered
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Sullivan, John Francis, B.A., Yale, '90 P. & S., N. Y., '94 New Haven.
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I have found the appendix adherent to the tube or ovary,
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on thoracic aneurism, or on ;i cancerous tumour of the lung. The
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CARDIAC OUTLINES for Clinical Clerks and Practitioners: An
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stiff feeling in the muscles, and pain in the back ; and wandering pains
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to the manufacturer, and all the intermediate grades of
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falls, the rigors and sweats cease, but yet some unfavorable symptoms
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be felt similar to that noticed at the root of the neck. A very
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through, found to be of a reddish gray color — very easily broken down —
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Dans le tissu cartilagineux de I'epiglotte, rien d*anormal.
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Weber ( F.) Ob amavrozie u rozhenits i rodilnits. [Puer-
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precautions will render repeated applications necessary. Solutions of
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to preserve health to watch closely these organs, and to
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eased conditions of the intestinal walls, of escaping and causing suppurative
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The substance removed is of a greyish color, and consists, for the
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.1 mouth-piece," a laryngeal brush, a "a sponge carrier," a porte-
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Bryonia is suitable, if the stools are very dry, as if burnt, and of a
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pul«e 140, res))iration .TO. Slio still complained of the
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an ointment of the strength of 1 to 10, and both suff'ered from
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silver nitrate. A clean.smg spray, with the ec instant current
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was dry and covered with a coating with which coagu-
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Of the different narcotic extracts, belladonna has the strongest claims,
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taken from different doctors in five or six years. " I have placed great faith in
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down the thighs. I was called in the morning, but the pains had stopped. On
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delegates became acquainted with the fact the better.
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are such as have been for some time advocated by the first physicians
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should not be encouraged in that action. Although the increased influx is to be considered
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I am a young doctor interested in receiving additional information
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few of the medical periodicals alluded to the proposition for a Conven-
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mainly in the hope of relieving the most distressing symp-
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insufficiency of the instrumental outfit of oftices where
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claim to make a pure cream of 14 per cent without any gelatin. People de-
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ment, it was strongly urged upon me by the examining class to try the
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necropsy and the other patient recovered after surgical drainage of a
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scratch their heads, or for many similar trivial reasons ; on re-assuming the