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greatest. It follows, therefore, that the oxygen pressure in the blood
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" prior to most of the annual and special coui-ts, an active
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phenomena in each may present differences both in degree and in kind.
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tact of the secretion with the conjunctiva being, I believe, essential. During
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if it occurs, can be controlled by packing. Usually it
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inflammation ; natural fibrous forms abolish and exclude the cell-growth period.
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to multiply at the periphery instead of being coaxed by the
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in typhoid fever. Therap. Gaz., Detroit, 1892, 3. s .yiii, 366-
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account of so many of the victims of pellagra becoming inmates of
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two from the junior high school division. These ten
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he volunteered the statement that his muscles were urging him to
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spoken of as a physiological separation, and so dismissed by writers.
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energetically used. The possiljle increase of danger
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Speaker Crenshaw thanked Dr. Roberson and his committee
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adherent to the omentum in the left hypochondrium. The cyst, which was of the shape
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coccus carrier is only one of these factors, of which crowding, over-
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has been to ascribe far too many symptoms to the dis-
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ago that snow or a temperature of 32" Fahr. (which is 37^
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sesses the double value of preserving the antiseptic
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been in the daily habit of touching and dressing the patients, without anj
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where there is erectile tissue, and that the ebb and flow of
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was a man of " a comprehensive, subtle intellect, high scholastic
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striction. The uterine wall was unusually thin at the site of the perforation,
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swallowing constantly dilate the ulcerated surfaces and render the
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cular white foam. This extends into the bronchi, or rather, extends out
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" Taylor, a youth of the mountain region of this State, came
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a high death-rate. I'hrors of calculation occurred bv reekonuig
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rnhsue rat can be recognized by the subcutaneous congestion the
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ing and other surgeons in India, of deep-seated abscess of the liver.
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]\I. Proust studied the different stages in the man-
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mistake. He still operated in suitable cases ; to the
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