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Examination at the time of his admission showed a man quite well pre-
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the varying intensity of . light. With regard to the
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soap, enough to emulsify the oil ; pure vaseline, enough to make 20
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If the complaint which has been under consideration really
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His investigations have been supplemented and corrobo-
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pus microbes determines suppuration. Bruises, over-stretching,
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The diagnosis is to be made both from the history and from a gross or
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Patient gradually grew weaker, au<l died March 5ih, o'clock r. m. Just previous to death,
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Summary of Additions, Deletions & Revisions (1985 - 1989)
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congestion of the portal system, and therefore of the intestinal venous
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These tolerance test curves were not constructed to determine
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signet ring to another. On the evening on which he was smitten
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vomiting are not necessarily contra-indications ; the fact that in
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When the inflammation is more deeply seated behind the tonsil and
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tinent, the term varies much, but equally in both cases as far
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is indicated in the treatment of angina pectoris due to coronary
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Besancon, 1892, i, 7-14. — Coutcnot p6re. Fifevre ty-
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in which the subject was, up to a few years ago, taught
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I must further emphasize that in adults, in addition t(j slight,
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s weakness of voice remained for more that a month, and its natural
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thing like the pediculated arrangement of the contained cells
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lymphocytes over the two previous counts. 14 days later Group I, 28 days
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elimination sodium chlorid stored up during the fever, in addition to
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strobila or tape-worm colony. It is then a segment — a moist, whitish,
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hundred and twenty per cent, 12^ parts to i part of
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Lilium Candidum, (white lily,) root, mucilaginous demul-
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and here, too, it is well to be on hand early in order to obtain a desira-
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sensations, there is a degree of tenderness elicited, when the part is
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alternated with delirium. Slie continued in this state
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bladder or rectum, even when the affection is far advanced, nor does the heart
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