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tion. Supernatant liquid removed each time with a sterile capillary tube and suction

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inserted mainly into the posterior surface of the stcrno-clavi-

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and other infantile diseases, and so did keep the babies alive.

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cataract extractions show truly the superiority of any

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into our most congested centers of population, to bear, during their

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He also favors the use of the hydrate of chloral as an anaesthetic in labor, and

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ventricle of the heart. Then follows the contraction (systole) of

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wife both suffering from the disease. Lecorche has seen conjugal diabetes

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In speaking of the increase in the number of cases ad-

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These are the only two cases I have seen showing a slow pulse after

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tent for half-way measures, and possessed of a disposition some-

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DfNDRK Royal Infirmary.- A qualified Medical man, to act as Joint

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1. Cranial division. — This is composed essentially of fibres which

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reasonable definition of irresponsibility, is either wholly imaginary

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judgment upon the excretion of urea generally look out for trouble

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may be impaired, and there may be a considerable degree of amblyopia, with

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out sufficient rest or sleep, the life was taken out of the

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reduction was said to be accomplished. I do not know that

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aiding the removal of the fractured portions of the bone.

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and impairment of the power of the left ventricle, especially when the

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seum, nor outteetion of philosophical appanttus in nny respect superior to

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usually found in the lower limbs. Many years ago Fournier noted the fre-

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antistreptococcic serum (polyvalent), 10 cc. on 5th, 24th, 25th,

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higher classes of animals alone : for, as the scale

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For in his cases, as in ours, it was quite possible to exclude neuritis and

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the collection per vaginani, and by this route to evacuate the retained

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pelvis. Weiss' modification of Sir Henry Thompson's lithotrite

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and strangulation of this hernia rarely occurs. Sometimes a

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to be seen a group of cells in what is apparently a transition

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sors should be made. Hemorrhage is slight and heal-

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unnatural sensitiveness, and self-consciousness, and the persons exhibiting

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Tlie Treatment must be purely palliative ; the use of opium

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Local Treatment: Good antiseptic. Application of about