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mineral waters, or even coffee and tea, its virtues are truly astonishing, and well worthy
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ness between this lesion area and those outside the lesion
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arteriosclerosis, apparently may be primary or secondary. The primary
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wipers (b, and c) , filled with carbolized cotton , and a gauze bandage
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Vomiting is often a sign of dangerous vagal involvement in acute pernicious beri-
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osteomyelitis, cellulitis, carbuncles of the lip and
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be maintained, and cites a number of cases and offers argu-
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point of view the difficulties the physician has to contend with
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of at least a half-dozen surgeons and physicians of excellent standing in the
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Involittiffti of Iia>k.— Finfl nnticed w^en the swelling of the nkin
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peutic procedure. There is thus very little to criticise in
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cysts. Salpingitis, therefore, must be considered the chief
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In Holland a law to restrict the spread of infec- ,
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St. Elizabeth Hospital. — The trustees announce to the
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tuberculosis in Scotland was carefully considered, and the advice was sought
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synchronous witli those of the heart are sometimes met with in the
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outwards. [_See photographs.] Nasal examination was negative, and
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brought on epistaxis; the frequency, however, was less. She
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trate the completeness and thoroughness of the education now given
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communities which knew him best have profited by his acquaint-
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night I woke up with great pain in my chest and a bad cough. My
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influences may benefit and heal, and employ them wherever applicable.
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for the thoracic route and 100 per cent, for the abdominal
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should l)e master of his own professional administra-
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few times he caused the escape of enough gas to make the
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Lister has just made its appearance; and although the work
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States. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic
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period of ten years, 604 recovered during the first
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movement about one's own axis either to the right or the left. As it
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manner in which these eauteriziitions are performed is of the greatest
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antiseptic precaution is saying what is impossible.
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program and confidential resource for physicians and other
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