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very little cacao has been added, for four weeks or more, and then the
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Properties. — Colorless, or white, cubical crystals, or
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The patient, who had been kept recumbent, was allowed to
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Sicilian reported by Calandruccio, the ova were found in the feces.
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cases of alleged death from burning, is deserving of the notice of medical
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forces the retained urine from his urethra, with immediate
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By June 6 (the day on which he was discharged from tho
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that the treatment was so far below professional stand-
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16. Mosen : Arch. f. Anat. u. Physiol., 1893, Physiol. Abst., p. 352.
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Synonyms. — Verdigris, cupric subacetate, E.; acetate de
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disease which, owing to its general prevalence and grave
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5.— JLegal and Social Standing of the Epileptic— E. J.
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purse-string suture can be used. This is quite an im-
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shire folk, as it has been hitherto, with that of tlie pea-
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largely to fermentation fever, created by the fibrin ferments origi-
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going to the workhouse. It is common to hear patients in this condition
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of the disease is, he argues, dyspnoea — dyspnoea of a peculiar
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influence upon that of the stomach. In some operations for gastrop-
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penis. He had also a narrow stricture, in consequence of which, for eighteen
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and if this is done, the evil will doubtless be recognized and
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the swallowing of a corrosive substance. Any focus of irrita-
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new method which leaves no doubt as to the correct constitution of this hydrocarbon.
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chronic from the beginning and is caused ness about the face, swelling of the feet and
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bad manners. The sturdy independence and courage of such
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one instance produce a sore, and some 40 or 50 persons had it inserted
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ribs towards the sternum ; increased weakness ; numbness and
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body in the air-tubes. This appeared to have satisfied him on
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although manifestly a case of dislocation of one of the cervical
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must not be kept in a state of total abstinence from food, for famine is frigid and arid.