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abstract, can never be framed. The only practicable way to
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sults are favorable enough to justify a continuance of the treat-
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7. — Herschell describes an improved apparatus for washing
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But there is something so irreconclliable witli our ideas of a per-
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nitrogen in the diet is absorbed by the large intestine, and in
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merely products of the membrane, which is not infiltrated with
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but in other cases the walls are formed by the cerebral tissue, or the
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complained of great cramps in the abdomen. I prescribed tinct. opii gtt 1.
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Physician. — A -test case, says the Canada Lancet, was
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this case is characteristic of eczema. Now, you remember that redness,
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>y or coma, in some cases, either of transient duration, or lasting for
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in which that measure was adopted before the same period.
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often registered by the fourth, the sixth, or the eighth evening. From that
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am told of one case, I have not seen it myself and cannot vouch for
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rose and, to my great surprise, used all the points
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of this kind should be rest in bed, liquid diet and
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Precautions. If a preliminary test shows that the urine con-
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trations or extra copies are desired. A limited number of extra copies will be
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in the production of the case of gangrene under con-
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pathology or diagnosis of our disease. Admitting Dr.
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sembling pieces of inferior rhubarb. It has a strong
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the City of New Y'ork ; Medical Society of the County of
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the tube and discharged him. The opening closed and I
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lants, the necessity of a nutritious diet, and of keeping
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twenty years, include rather a larger proportion of infants
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of many grave questions we owe to the prizes established,
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may be of long standing for the lower limbs when it has only just reached
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the majority of cases have to be cautiously repeated several times.
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ditis, peritonitis, pleuritis, and cerebral meningitis. Of these, pericarditis
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Thus, Galen ^ ascribes one of the causes of malignant
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febrile tuberculosis, which in three weeks caused cavernous lesions, and death in three
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duced. I followed the fundus with my fingers till I
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For cases of the sort last mentioned, the apparatus
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with original wood-cuts, which, considering the small space they are necessa-
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Fadi A. Bsat, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology, 608-G Fairfax
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cancer. Of the latter cases one had died and two had
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medical institution in Europe. It was one of the chief medieval texts on medicine, and countless