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limbs in either of the cases of the young ladies above mention-
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solid or moulded, the dysenteric evacuations being superadded, the inflamma-
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VI. May 23rf, 1839. — Mr. F., aet. 25, of Boston ; six years ago
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head, and stretch out his neck in expression of the pain he
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immediately internal to the tympanic membrane. The tympanic
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thelial cells (Percy Musgrave; photographed by L. S. Brown).
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the cases of cholera date back for several days, the period
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a dual process. If, then, this be infinite in its possible extent of
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of fever that was evidently bilious remittent fever. Dr. Pilman
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power of supination with the elbow extended is completely lost,
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ological collection, contains an extensive series of preparations of the inter-
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and a number o'f minor corrections and additions have been
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The exact differential diagnosis is, however, not possible
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;ated the prisoner's case so well, and proved the sister to be of so bad a cha-
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the bones are acutely tender an associated scurvy is almost certainly
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its valency in chemical combination ; each, too, is
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portion of the corpus callosum. There was very pronounced
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inspector note the imperfections of a given number of children. How
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Asthma and hay-fever are unknown. At the northern extremity of
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(November 2d) I was obliged to communicate with him
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trouble, was more hopeful, took more interest in others
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count employed it and its adjectival derivatives in order
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different species of comma bacilli. Comma bacilli were
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the hydrogen may be re})laced by a metal ; and thus combinations
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thetic during labour, in puerperal mania, puerperal convulsions,
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offices upstairs. Owner in practice 13 years before leaving,
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streptothrix which caused a necrotic form of broncho-pneumonia, and
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duration, followed by a tepid sponge bath; for local treatment*
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reduce the temperature by wrapping in wet sheets might excite
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through the rectum, the kidneys reached and their sensitiveness
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hmb were varicose, but no enlargement of the lymphatic
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favorably it was decided not to interrupt the antiphthisical
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Visits of the French physicians included those to the
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All facts on such a subject must be valuable, and particularly
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be some bar to the success of an operation, but he of a
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Sudden syncope may occur at any time in the course, although this is
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chona bitters should be substituted until all desire for