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characterise general paralysis. In general paralysis the progress of
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attends it is extreme, and often the patient will have to be restrained from
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lacerated, and you will have no bleeding at all. I have operated on two
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upwards along the intestinal and alimentary tracts, until it reached the
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serous membranes and the heart seldom if ever escape. The whole surface of the
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nosis, more accurate localization and probably better technic.
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This is surely a subject that presents itself with much
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come in contact with him should be sprayed with a chlorazene solu-
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ively ; cancer^ aneurism of the aorta, caries of the spine ; in the female,
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Somerset, from extensive observation at the Willard Parker Hospital,
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Immediately beneath the deep layer of the palmar aponeurosis and arising
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instead of by those of the former. — (Petit, Tratte,
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profitable to the student and creditable to our profession, have been
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work, just published. Other authors do not seem to have given it
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three cases associated with involvement of other nodes, but from its
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dulness had regained its former limits. Diarrhoea was
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ciety, died suddenly on April 11, as the result of a
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detrimental or injurious to the profession any more than
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Oro and Mosea : Sulla Pityriasis Rosea di Gibert (with anatomical and bacterio-
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into various active and dangerous forms, but end in
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Further Observajions in rer/ard to the Cerebrospinal Affection occurring
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