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a model scholar, well liked by his companions. (20.)
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of this drug in proportion to their age as the adult, and I have usually
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and Hertz^ recommend the early intravenous injection of mixed seram
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fact established by Roux and Yersin (Bulletin Medical,
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hours by all the symptoms of acute meningitis. The gentleman's life was
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over the Western States, isolated as they often are, have not improved their
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say what degree of relief may be ultimately derived from it.
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modest Daniel Leclerc, details s.t great length her medical
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posal would be that .\. B. and C. D. (the names to be after-
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oedema is not present in other parts of the body. This may be so threat-
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the Compound Solution of Iodide of Potassium has been injected into
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(2) The upright position in riding; the stooping position prevents
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early childhood. Girls are more commonly affected than boys. The
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occurrence of the rupture. The symptoms are those which sudden compres-
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an entire freedom from glandular swellings in any other
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This function optionally prints out an analysis of the point-by-point
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obtained no results from it, which has led them to consider it of no
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before ebullition. This appearance is of course only to be ob-
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persistent disturbance of sight and of hearing, intellectual troubles, and
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of Congress, and awaits the signature of the President
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not grow more hardened and cartilaginous; but this we overcome by the
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8. This remarkable case occurred in a young woman twenty years
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brain, it is true, may be modified by long-continued pressure against
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New Orleans, discussed the topic: "Is the Tendency Toward
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not by the rule of those who are dissatisfied with less than two or three
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following axioms : (1.) Tertiary syphilis can produce in the lungs le-