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backs I believe that if the patient had persevered with the treat-
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we have, perhaps, some proof of the vital contractility of arteries
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S"o satisfactory explanation of the cause of this condition has
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but undertaken in order to cure this condition. The size of the thyroid
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vomiting, disturbances of vision, and more rarely of hearing,
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were read by Professor Galligo, Dr. Lefort, and other members,
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it. Finding that it produced no irritation nor annoyance, I allowed
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normal, as in other forms of septic infection. As to
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he ascertained that repeated deep inspirations like sighs actually
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and Practitioners. By P. M'Bride, M.D., F.E.C.P.Ed. Third
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child would influence the results we do not attempt to say We wish it
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wait for these calculi to become encysted or spontaneously
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adopted the recommendations of the Court, that lectures on
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vealed after careful search no foreign body, but a slightly
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11 Wassermann and Citron, Dent. med. Woch., 1905, xxxi, nor. Citron,
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offensive odor, and guard against blood-poisoning. Carbolic
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They recommend to apply a ciilorofirm mask directly to the nose
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was not likely to be detected by vaginal examination
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Swendsen, who treated eight patients, four of whom had not been
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chronic fatigue syndrome than in healthy controls but
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The most striking lesions in inoculated guinea-pigs occur in the
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of the iron salt can pass the chink of the glottis, and none of it can
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jection of one-quarter to one-half grain of morphine, but
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applying it so as to cover the whole abdomen, and then enveloping it
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