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recovery took place rapidly without any rise of temperature.
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tip of the occipital lobe) will produce symptoms of sensory irritation (in
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ise of improvement in the care of the insane through
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the organism a higher percentage of the ingested fluid was eliminated in
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increase, and have made inquiries with reference to one particular
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of the disease is almost invariably perfect as regards locality, form and
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not under axiy condition or at any time change the direc-
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between the immediate and primary effects and those that were remote
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wholly disappeared. In the third place, the paralysed limbs show a strik-
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the hungry with good things, and send away the rich.' "
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sponding to 47.6 mg. per kilo of the salt. This was followed
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the human dentition^ and if the facts that in many mouths
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1. Inflammatory infections — metritis colli — but inflamma-
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1. The local progress of a growth, its tendency to increase by extend-
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belong the antidiphtheria and antitetanus sera, each of which contains
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or even of blood in operations on the nose or throat. A history
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bloody tracks of our art by which it was so slowly acquired.
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chest was aspirated, and 4 oz. of pus drawn off. He was so
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It rises gradually for about seven days, remains nearly stationary
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well as others, which lie in its path, tuberculosis adheres to
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certain cases the injection of a small dose of morphine, ihe use
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District Nurses in Dublin for three months^February to May,
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ing upon the surrounding tissue and undergoing fatty
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bodies of the alimentary canal, should not be forgotten.
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still there is never that stench which is observed in cases of putrid
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there, at which time the patient is advised of his right
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population is now based upon the number enumerated in April, 1871, a*
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pass into a contracting muscle is really about 40 per second. The
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have done for their conduct. A health conscience is being
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lochia^ I washed the uterine cavity, using a double canulated elastic tube
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Osier states, however, that only one case has followed the use of liquor
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of the stomach was much congested. On opening it the bitter-almond odour
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part of the urobilin in the urine may be derived from the formation
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as preparation. Mj. Summer, Hoerr; Autumn, Winter, Bartelmez, Hoerr.
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inferior portions of the lungs first become oedematous ; thence it spreads
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and L.R.C.S. Ed., has been appointed Resident Clinical Assistant
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myomatous uterus, weighing 24 lb., removed by hysterectomy.
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Vital Statistics for the Ykar 1SG2 in Co.v.vecticut. — From the an-
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phuric acid is used in its manufacture. They, therefore,
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hemorrhages, and the means of arresting them. The last
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come here more on account of the lesion on the left
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kungen iiber das Schicksul implantiiter Elfenbein- und
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result of nervous, convulsive, or spasmodic affections.
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body, some of them being as large as a quarter. The follow-
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