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bio "in 1854, applying it to a micro-organism of cholera.

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ple from the South could stand northern winters better

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change has been effected by artificial means; yet it must appear

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resorted to early, this method of treatment may reduce subsequent

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where louping-ill existed there the tick was sure to be : 2d. That

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1884) I could not define in my own case, and there did

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clinical history in the case in which the kidney was

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invading flagellum. No second flagellum can effect an entrance. The

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Such a procedure involves the assumption that lesions which have a

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fleisch and Chill's, which still further simplifies and

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The descending colon and rectum are supplied with vis-

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ysm recurs earlier, by the same period, than the last. Thus, they may regu-

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surgery, a procedure yet to be carefully and fully evaluated.

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in most cases, supercede the use of pessaries. And from the

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carbolic oil to the face, washing the body with solutions of sulphurous acid or

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that the most critical time in these labors, as regards the safe-

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wrote to Bradshaw, Lord President of the Council: "My Lord, — I do

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applied for one hour, and the delivery was accomplished

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more, the fever became more rare, and at last ceased entirely.

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enough to let out feces, is all that is required at first ; for often, after tension of

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In recent years, lachesis, or some form of rattlesnake

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diploma, petitioned the Court to issue a writ of man-

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hoped that because of the unrestricted membership, this

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the nature of tiie disease. The ability for copulation is granted ex

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From what I have related, it will be seen why it should hap-

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By Frank Clowes, D.Sc. Lond., Emeritus Professor of Chemistry in

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profession succeeded in awakening the country to the necessity of such

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administration of glucose. The threshold fixed beautifully at about 0.173

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knee on the thigh, and at the thigh on the body. The

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On the tenth day the sutures of the abdominal wound were removed. In the third

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in line with what our State Board of Health and all progressive organ-

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cause of a general disease appearing in one case and a