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(San Francisco) divided exophthalmic goiter into two varie-
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origin of the outbreak in Liverpool, which arose in
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to receive information about their surroundings. They can
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for the study of true tubercle, he neglects to add that
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physical and most of them having some physical ele-
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Professor lluchncr, in one of the recent numbers of his Reper-
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14%. In this respect my figures differ materially from
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direct our attention to the lung, and, if possible, arrest the progress
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out successful contradiction that beriberi can be completely
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tively that they would not conform to that official's interpreta-
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preparation of these antigens is essentially similar to that used for Wasser-
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Welcome them with an eager cordiality not to be mis-
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Andrews, Nathan H., Rowland, N. C. Med. Coll., 1911 1911 1912
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that has been voiced by the Academy of Medicine in its
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following, and he then found that the poor bird had con-
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be made in favour of 'Six. James Lucas, 11, .Vew Burlington-
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phthisis, cancer, rheumatism, and all the familiar forms
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exist in optic neuritis. The following case illustrates many of these
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society. The great majority belong, of course, to the poorer ranks,
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ment was soon stopped, and instead there was given, in
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condition of the uterine follicles, all of which changes rapidly sub-
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which it was in vain for him to attempt to efcape by any effort
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with the effects of which I was better acquainted. The
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vating influences of undue and indiscriminate medical relief.
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carefully watched— pulse, skin temperature, facial expression — and a
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vessel from which it was pumped until the oil is emulsified. When
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at 7 P.M. : temperature, 99.2° ; pulse, 56 ; specific gravity
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together. When clearly exemplified, the following differences
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Prowazek faHed to infect rats by the bite of the louse, but this has
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find the opening in the abdominal wall, put in a guide,
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of traumatic tetanus in Kentucky; four in Louisville. The first five
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The skin showed atrophic sclerosis and there was general myositis.
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the articulating cartilage and bone gives their surfaces a worm-eaten
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anus itself protrudes and recedes with every breath.