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Place a piece of round steak on a meat-board and scrape out all of the

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ovarian growth. The patient had an attack of fairly acute appendicitis

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Now the object of all cauterizations of these parts is to

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induced premature labour ; I have no doubt it would have stopped the

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throwing garbage into the streets, was the cause of the

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the former with as much pertinacity as the latter, leaving to

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with the Carrel method of instillation or without it, is also credited with successful

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paratively successful treatment of this malady, by giving older repoits

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seven years have convinced Schulz that there is no ground for the

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twenty pupils were enrolled in the state school and were in-

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a highly useful remedy. The formula is as follows :

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The balsam of Peru is thrown into the blood for the pur-

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one. I have therefore selected the College of Physi-

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psychical irritation, inaptitude for work, and even

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may be salted to taste, and will prove an excellent substitute

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In seventeen of forty cases his error is less than 2.5 ctm.,

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^ » 7T^7~Z T - .^ - the stomach was corrected. There was

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their money has been devoted to the others. I regret to state

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Angell, president of the Massachusetts Society for the

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is exactly known of the locality, the structure, or the mode of conveyance of

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in restaurants and houses ; the feelings of hopefulness and happiness

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skin and conjunctivae at this time was still noticeable,

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finger is forciljly squeezed or is ligatured the proportion of serum

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directly traced to the impure air in which they sleep, and an ex-

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important element of the safety equation, since they keep

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daily of the following: Boracic Acid ^ ounce, or Carbolic Acid

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(applause) — so that I say, in permitting the holder of foreign

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Mr. Fox, was an active opponent of the jjractice ; he ])ub-