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the amount of nitrogen excreted as urea and an increase in the
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degeneration of the cutaneous tissues, by all irritating agencies, and
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abundant. The patient was placed in the position for
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thing, and who was born, it is said, with two teeth, the infant comes into the
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of the paralyzed muscles in cases of incomplete paralysis falls under the
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other disease of long standing, or poisonous nature, is of more service to med-
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Boston, said that from his experience in operating both
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state. Its duration varies. It may last for a few moments only, the ])a-
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mon cholera, in some cases, reduces a patient to a state of great and
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1 to 3 mm., and sometimes attaining tlie size of a pigeon's egg. There
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I speak, of course, is that phase of inebriation which is ex-
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The outbreak of zoster seems to be quite uninfluenced by the simul-
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practice, he would subject himself to the severe criticism of his
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the system in certain malignant cases, evidently due to diphtheritic
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absolute protection to THE DRUG TRADE, and assures the MEDICAL PROFESSION
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embraces an extensive variety of true FRENCH, and the most
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ceived considerable benefit. He henceforth constantly laboured
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social and other characteristics of the community under investiga-
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did not disappear, but was perfectly visible and palpable; so
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with lieutenant-colonels (£75), while all receive the same
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to the doctor's concluding summary of the chief points he con-
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the inhabitants, and contributed very much to alleviate the
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afternoon advanced and was quite intense at bedtime. During the
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ence of hydrochloric acid, said that this was extremely
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tude in resultant effect than is possible from the applica-
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and in which bacteria may find favorable conditions for prolonging life
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artery, which has contracted suddenly by virtue of the shock
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pain is much less when they are small and there is less tendency
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could be seldom any difficulty in effecting it. This was