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portion of sensible people in this crowd ? " asked a pa-
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of rooms, the temperature of which should be kept uniform.
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finely-built cavalry soldier, thirty years old, in Africa,
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In the following table the duration of life after transfusion is
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describes experiments in trying to isolate this diplo-
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branes with a female catheter or uterine sound. The liquor amnii
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The morbidity also had been small. Vaginal injections before
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immediately given another warm bath. This simple hydro-
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was suffering severely from lumbago; counter-irritants having failed to afford
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multicellular organisms.^ It is, as we shall see, an indisputable
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formula for determining rate may be written as follows :
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the correct posture of those segments of the limb that should not move.
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demonstration, and that they were seen by every one piesent
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hotel and the sidewalk, twenty feet below, sustaining a com-
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A Manual of Instructions for Enlisting and Discharging Soldiers : with
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For twenty years or more, the name of Dr. Cbas. L. Dana
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the constitution generally, and more particularly as an aid in dispelling
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uncertainty as regards the correctness of therapeutical principles, but because
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depression, however produced, and irritations of various kinds
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The above operation was formerly frequently performed for exostosis. It
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twenty-four hoTirs after the operation, or at least should not take
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of the heart. This sign is proof of the existence of pericarditis, and, as the
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a case as this is to ascertain whether there is any immediate
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growth, hanging just outside the os uteri, was removed
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there is jaundice, which includes absorption of bile acids, tending