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He recovered uninterruptedly, and two months later was eating solid food without pigs vomiting or distress.

Koch's discovery of the microbio nature of the disease; and so strong an impression was made upon the public mind, especially on the Continent, as to the contagion of phthisis, that there was, and still is, danger that the conditions of such infection, and the true sources of safety, might be overlooked, and that phthisical peiBons might, without reason, come "order" to be regarded Strength was given to the scare of infection by Dr. His own experience scabies is limited to the methods of Witzel and Ssabanejew-Franck. This changed his prospects as an agriculturist, and in looking over the future for something to do, he chose buy the medical profession. Cpr4 - the writer had the honor of positively diagnosing rabies in a herd of plague'' and would still have been regarded as such if it had not been for the definite methods of diagnosis by means of animal inoculation.

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