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therefore on the assumption that the birth-rate and death-rate in that

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interval that the susceptibility was sufficiently restored to reproduce them. The same phe-

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be said to be actually circulating. The larger portion exists in

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more important groups of cases in which uncertainty may exist.

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strain exerted by the weight through the tendon on the tarsus was exactly

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from its being secured under the pericranium by the shell of new

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the patient to drink water and other simple fluids, and to administer diuretic

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however, is to wash out the stomach daily with alkaline

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This splitting or reduplication may be caused (a) by an imperfect

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mation of the fatty capsule, and paranephritis, of the retroperitoneal fat.

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of development. This of necessity has most influence on the nerve

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its physical properties, its taste, odour, colour, consistence, and

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articulation ; reflex deglutition, however, Avas unimpaired. Mastication

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For this reason this calculus is generally found, not in the kidney but in

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List No. 2 contains the address of all publications devoted to Medicine, Surgery,

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increased, with inability to use any violent exertion, and after

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chronic renal diseases or gout. Here there are hypertrophy of

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where so many young men had been thoroughly equipped

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may be met with in almost every specimen, although it is often diffi-

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Sometimes, indeed, the cyst refills, and a fresh puncture becomes

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development and the successive occurrences of the febrile attacks.

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an instance of that disease. Neither did it resemble

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statistics which have recently been published. The first