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acute articular rheumatism, together with a blurring of the
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* Mr. Tbos. W. Ludlow, of Yonkers, N. Y., has two interesting letters
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Bemoval of the Female Urinary Bladder for Kalignant
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result of free tenotomies of the ocular muscles for hete-
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this way secondary metabolic products in the medium are avoided by
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and with an approach to a murmur. The second sound was
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be distrusted ; finally, enlightened observation and the
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Pigment.— There are found globes of pigment isolated
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the use of mercury, while lead is also said to cause a form of chronic
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tagion is understood communication of disease by actual contact.
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such valuable contributions in the 'Guy's Hospital Eeports' and in Dr
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especially those portions of the skin of the head in the neigh-
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"The acute cases who come to the hospital generally need
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impossible to avoid troublesome paroxysmal cough, 'dysp-
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Indication - Enovid-E is indicated for oral contraception.
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best feats — and that is not saying little — of other eminent
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incidents of narcosis do not appear so quickly as with chloroform, and, indeed,
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lose der Iris tmdder Choroidea bei einem fiinfraonatlichen
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rest for some time, say half an hour or more, after meals. The patient should
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able interest, and would like to hear of his later results.
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Each paroxysm is accompanied by a dry, raucous sound, and attempts
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take exercise, including mental recreation, in the open
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cated from the surrounding tissue. In a case of carcinoma of the
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affected, the teeth, in affected part, may become sore and interfere
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et lavages antiseptiques de la chambre antei-ieure. Arch,
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once a day. If the temperature is one hundred and four degrees, or over,
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pH = 2.9 or 3.3 respectively. The gelatin is free from bromine for pH S 4.7.
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The difficulties of home-treatment of course increase in the case of
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Ann. di med. nav., Roma, 1898, iv, 255-259. — Aguew
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The boy was entirely undressed, placed on the chair,
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the feet. He had become progressively darker until he now
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nephropathic animals, there occurs a rapid depletion in the alkali
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mercury, which was reduced to forty millimetres when
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fundus distinctly gave the refractive condition of the examined eyes. In
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tinal Disorders — Gentian— Hydrastis; Catarrhal
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that Ids stock of ideas will never be exhausted ? After a
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scans to determine whether the fracture has the biologic