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plication. It may be due to the toxin, and perhaps, in certain
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presenting at the upper strait. The doctor left her at 10 P. M., directing the
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4.2. — Whines, and is very restless. 4.3. — Head drooping. 4.4.
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In a man of 53 with rather thickened arterie? and a slightly enlarged
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be some 'paralysis, however small the clot, at aU events at first, and
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with any sexual feeling. ' Burning soles,' and the less
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fore the regents, while a small fee confers almost equal
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plication of all these substances, and in doing so, he has taken the science
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wrote you first concerning the case, I put the patient on **Trommer'8 Extract of
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patient's condition was so much improved that she could take
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was noticed that the hair had become quite thin, especially at the sides,
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the remaining part completely obliterated, and in a state approach-
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Winckel's handbook has evidently been appreciated by Ameri-
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ment will then be similar to the same condition in any other
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present time, therefore, the answer to the question posed at
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fractured, but the left lung and the liver were ruptured.
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more efficient operative procedure than puncture of
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Carrion died was a septicaemia, that Oroya fever is
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tion showed abundant, apparently characteristic diph-
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cause of political prejudice, yet they still live in the hearts of the
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represent the real meat-yielding parts of the animals the standards
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but never re-vaccinated. Of these only three died, so that tlie
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the water should be beyond reproach, and the quantity
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ever unsatisfactory, represents very nearly the full extent of our know-
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)f fluid and lymph, filling the meshes of the i)ia mater
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presents a beautifully healthy appearance, and become gradually
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(3) thirdly, patients quite commonly complain of some
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dependent upon the intestinal infection. Occasionally the abdominal
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being made artificially insusceptible. The chief con-
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may be taken in hot water. Such aperients relieve the portal
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origin of the vomiting it is most important to determine its exact cause,
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loth he had lost the power of speech, was unable to swal-
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profession. Essays, reports of cases, and correspondence
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He also practiced in Gaylord, in the same county, and finally located permanently
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of death, whether from the disease itself or from its
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Roche, T. B , 4935, San Francisco, Med. Dept. Univ. California, May 17, 1S9S.
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